Image BlackSmith LLC 2012 – Video Intros

Video Intros

Bringing together all the necessary resources to develop and deliver commercial video presentations can be a time-consuming and expensive undertaking often lasting months. For many reasons  a video intro could be not only more appropriate for your promotional or presentation goals, in many cases, it could also be more cost effective. While a video intro is typically longer than a logo animation it can bring other elements together to better prepare your audience for the delivery of your content. Video intros can be used repeatedly if you have multiple videos that require a professional touch.

Image BlackSmith’s video intros are created using industry standards packages for high quality broadcast design and 3D motion graphics. We employ full-featured tools to create beautiful realistic effects — with an emphasis on flexible 3D content — for text titles, animated backgrounds, logo treatments and VFX design. Image BlackSmith LLC provides 3D styled elements like powerful particle systems, volumetric lights and organic forms, all built in a 3D environment using the latest in visual effects hardware and software. We also offer true 3D text and object integration.

Great for:

  • Web content series
  • Presentation introductions
  • As part of a media package.

Take a look at our demo created in mid 2010 before upgrading our hardware and software to the latest industry standards.
A basic video / logo intro starts the video.