Rapid Website

Rapid Website

Using pre existing formats we deliver rapid websites.

Using already existing formatting produces great results allowing us to spend more time on content than on coding.

As the world wide web continues to grow it is essential for any business to have a web presence. This presence begins with having a professionally created website. While we are capable of building basic html sites we exclusively build sites based on CMS (Word Press and other well defined platforms). We call it rapid website because our goal is to get you there as fast as possible with readily available tools. Word Press and other similar platforms do just that. Most importantly you have full control and easy interfaces to manage your own site. Our process begins with getting an understanding of what your goals are and we perform the appropriate research to find preexisting website structures to customize. This speeds up the process and provides us with more time to work on rich content. These are powerful websites that are the standard for web content and blogging.

The benefits of rapid website by Image BlackSmith LLC

Using pre existing formats we deliver rapid websites

We brought together a form system that allows the creation of multiple forms for use throughout the website.

1. Cost Effective
While there are some limitations on what we can provide most businesses would benefit from our service. Because there are a lot of preexisting resources around these platforms you may already have an existing CMS (Content Management System) site that needs professional attention, updating and customizing.

2. Easy to maintain
The user friendly platform is stable, well tested and web-based. Meaning you can edit and add content from any computer because it is web based. That also means your important site is backed up on a secure server with multiple redundancies. Because of the wide use of these types of CMS platforms there is a plethora of online resources to support your site.

3. SEO
These sites also make it easier to optimize your search engine results. Which means people are more likely to find you with proper SEO implementation.