Image BlackSmith LLC 2012 – CBC Logo Animations

CBC Logo Animations


Logo Recreation

CBC Logo Recreation

In creating the commercial video and logo animation for the CBC project we were faced with some minor issues. As it stood CBC had no defined logo file to work from. They had a logo but it was mostly represented on the business card and company literature. This meant the logo had to be recreated. In assessing what we had to work with, we started in Adobe Illustrator to create the base outline of the bricks that would be acceptable by the 3D program. We also had to determine the font used in the logo. Having adobe’s entire font catalog of over 2,700 fonts at our disposal helped. We were able to run software to identify the font which we had on hand.

Bricks portion of the logo

Bricks prepared for logo recreation

Once the logo was brought in and assembled in the 3D program, textures, lighting and shadows were created as well as a trowel brought in to match the samples of the logo provided by the company. Once we were comfortable with the recreation of the logo and the client approved its design, we continued to create the floor and walls to complete the scene. The company provided images of materials they wanted to be considered. While images cannot be used easily as 3D skins and textures we were able to use the images provided as a guide to recreate a seamless image in Photoshop suitable for use in this 3D scene.