Image BlackSmith LLC 2012 – CBC Commercial Video

CBC Commercial Video


Pre-render wire frame of 3D bricks

3D wire-framing of company logo for animation

Central Broward Construction contracted Image BlackSmith LLC to create a custom commercial video. We started with pre-production, concept, storyboard and completed the post production which included sound scoring, special effects, 3D animations and incorporating company provided assets to help tell the story of CBC. The production side of this video lasted over a nine month period which included the time-lapse of the store and commercial photography to use in the animations. There were a lot of challenges to the production portion of this project as there was a demolition then building of a new store all occurring simultaneously. The challenge we were presented with was keeping the cameras focused on one spot long enough to make a meaningful and effect time-lapse that fit into the storyboard. From considering satellite images of the site to Google street-views we were able to properly prepare to capture the elements of the time-lapse which included over 28,000 individual images.

Before and after photo restoration

Photo Restoration was completed for an animated image.

Additionally, 3D versions of the company logo were prepared and animated where a client provided image was used to recreate seamless sea shell tiles in photoshop that could be used to map the 3D planes. Many of the assets, particularly the historical images of the company, needed to be scanned, photographed and treated prior to inclusion. One of the main images required significant photo restoration before it could be prepared for animating. While there are many intricate elements to this project, like an in-depth storyboard and shoot log that guided us through the project, we just highlighted a few items of the project to underscore the level of work provided to ensure an effective and meaningful final product for Central Broward. Feel free to view a few more snippets and screenshots of the project below.

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