3D Logo Render for Compenny Liquidators

3D Version of a logo created by Image BlackSmith LLC

3D Version of the Compenny Liquidators Logo

Original Logo as created by Image BlackSmith LLC

Image BlackSmith LLC creates 3D Logos for print or animations. This 3D render was created to be used both in the header of the Compenny Liquidator’s website as well as in an animation of their logo. What started as a sketch became an original logo in Illustrator. Later that illustrator file was prepared for acceptance into the 3D program. Once the Illustrator file was prepped it was imported into the program. In the program the ground plane was established and the materials were slowly added to create the intended treatments to give the logo its realistic look. The final step was to add the lighting and shadowing for the finishing touches.

Inside the animator

Building materials and lighting in the 3D program