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Furniture Store Website


[singlepic id=156 w=320 h=240 float=left]The web presence of a company is crucial in today’s business environment. For many customers a website is the first thing they will know about a company but for most it will be the only thing they will know about a company. A company’s web presence or lack there of can have negative results to the overall presentation of a company’s product and services. We take great effort to ensure the website we prepare meets the needs of the organization while taking into account current web standards, compliance and optimization. When the Compenny Liquidators needed a website we made sure we were able to meet the needs of a company with a changing stock of inventory. Our analysis indicated that a self hosted WordPress based site would be suitable for their company needs.

[singlepic id=160 w=320 h=240 float=right]We call it rapid website because we start with already existing structures and customize them to meet client needs. In this case we took time to find one that had most, if not all the features required. We ended up with one of our preferred WordPress theme creators WP Zoom. We insist on using themes by approved vendors because there are bad themes that just don’t work well and the time to fix them defeats the purpose. Our goal is to complete sites that allow customers to take full control of their site in a timely manner. We prefer vendors that offer built-in support for their themes and WP Zoom is one such vendor.

With any website the challenge is to first identify the needs of the organization and then finding a website structure with as many of the needed features built in already. This reduces the time it takes to create or customize the structure to meet these needs while leaving more time to focus on the overall presentation and branding. Once we found an acceptable structure we began the installation and most importantly the training necessary to allow our client to operate their site.

Site features: optimized, secured and customized.

  • CMS based (WordPress)
  • Self hosted[singlepic id=154 w=320 h=240 float=right]
  • Cross browser tested
  • Site meets client’s inventory needs
  • Database optimized
  • Settings configured
  • Permalinks customized for SEO optimization
  • Contact form created
  • Advanced plugins installed
  • Categories structure established
  • Tags structure established
  • Full security measures taken to secure site and database
  • Back up system put in place for content and database
  • Vulnerabilities addressed with standards compliant measures
  • Training provided to allow customer full control of site content
  • Automatic submission to major search engines for each new content submission
  • Site can be updated from any computer with internet access
  • Google Analytics implemented

View the screen-shots of the site features below and feel free to visit The Compenny Liquidators and check out their quality new and pre-owned furniture. They deliver throughout South Florida as North as Port St. Lucie West to Naples and South to Key West.

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