Image BlackSmith LLC 2012 – The Compenny Liquidators Logo

The Compenny Liquidators Logo


Initial sketches of potential directions for The Compenny Liquidator's, Inc. logo.

The Compenny Liquidator’s logo began with an initial client meeting where we discussed the client’s vision and ideas for the company’s logo. Every idea was taken into consideration no matter how mundane or obviously not in line with the vision. Through a process of elimination we were able to narrow the logo down to one that met the client’s vision but also stayed inline with the grounds for the making of a good logo. We only make logos in Adobe Illustrator as this is the standard for logo creation. Illustrator creates vector images that can be scaled up infinitely without loss of quality. This is not the case with Photoshop created files which are rasterized files that lose quality as they are scaled up. As we created the logo in illustrator we measured our ideas for the logo against well known and prominent logos. We kept close to the formula of good logos typically:

  • Has strong, uncluttered image comprised of only the most essential elements.
  • Uses imagery that is appropriate for your type of business.
  • Compliments your company name.
  • Uses a readable font that does not compete with the logo symbol.
  • Looks good in black and white, as well as in color.

Taking this into consideration we prepared the initial write up for the client. Which you can see below.

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Upon taking in the clients feedback we then moved on reducing the options to one that was inline with the company’s vision and stood out among the other choices. We finalized the color and prepared Pantone, CMYK, RGB and Hexadecimal RGB colors for consistency in colors regardless of where the client printed. Please view the final delivery of logo to client.

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