Image BlackSmith LLC 2012 – Shopping Cart Powered by Zenfolio

Shopping Cart Powered by Zenfolio

Nomenclature for Zenfolio set up

This is the nomenclature scheme we found was best for our client.

Image BlackSmith LLC was contracted by Florida Powerboat Inc. to build an online shopping cart to sell their poker run images. Inline with our commitment to providing practical and effective solutions to companies we were able to incorporate already existing technology to provide a powerful content management system (CMS). We prefer CMS because not only is the technology already available, it typically has either strong infrastructure support or widely available troubleshooting support. In the world of photography there are two that stand out; Smugmug and Zenfolio. While both services provide powerful systems and back-end support we choose Zenfolio because of our experience customizing their system. We had two major challenges: 1) Florida Powerboat Inc. already had an existing website 2) they needed to manage thousands of images and didn’t have an existing computer system to manage that volume of images. We began by tackling the building of the Zenfolio account and setting up its filing nomenclature structure.

Already existing site homepage

Custom built computer

This computer was built by Image BlackSmith specifically to manage FPC's Photo stock

Once that was established the arduous task of making the CMS site match the look and feel of the already existing website. Between uploading thousands of images and matching the existing site this process took about two weeks. At the end of the two week process Florida Powerboat Club had a customized CMS solution for presenting their images to their members and an entire online business with client proofing, shopping cart, integration with print labs, fulfilling their own orders, and many more features. We also built a custom windows based computer system to managed the large source of images which runs Lightroom 3 to professionally manage the entire stock of images from the back-end.

Before Florida Powerboat had no way of selling images online. After adding a customized Zenfolio account they can now sell images from the web which also matches their branding. In addition to having a professional presentation with a plethora of features to include full-screen slideshows, they have a back end system powerful enough to manage the large volume of images. The images are hosted on Zenfolio with unlimited file uploads which also provides an additional backup. The account was also set up to have the profits sent directly to the company’s bank account. Please take a moment to go through a series of screen shots below to see the customization completed by Image BlackSmith LLC not to mention the power of the CMS provided by Zenfolio.

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