Image BlackSmith LLC 2012 – Secure Windows Website

Secure Windows Website


Secure Window Solutions hired Image BlackSmith LLC to produce a brochure website. This site was custom made and prepared to highlight the customer’s work and promote their business. While we can still produce this type of site we prefer to prepare websites based on the Word Press platform because it can be rapidly deployed and ultimately the client can make updates on their own. This site was not based on the Word Press platform and is a pure HTML site with JavaScript functionality and interactive elements.

The advantages of building on the Word Press Platform is that it can easily incorporate search engine optimization techniques. In addition, as Word Press becomes more widely used and more resources are available we can spend time rapidly preparing and deploying your site rather than working on debugging code. Or the saying goes “reinventing the wheel.” Please take a moment to look through the elements on this site to see examples of our design work.

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